Monday, December 28, 2009

So Christmas has come and gone...such a build-up and then...gone. My Christmas was a little different this year. I think in my 25 years of existance I have never once missed a Christmas Eve/Christmas morning with my family. Even when I lived in Dallas, I was always home. This year, however.....I missed Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day. I arrived at my parents' house at 7pm. Here's the story. My boyfriend was in Kansas and had been away from me for 1 month...which is entirely too I worked things out with both of my jobs so I could drive there and spend a couple of days with him and his family. I left Amarillo on Monday, Dec 21 and the plan was to return back to Texas on Thursday, the 24. My mom sent me an email early Monday morning telling me that maybe I should tell Ryan that I wouldn't be coming to Kansas because the news was saying that it would be horrible winter storms weather. I didn't listen to my mom and like 90% of the time that I do something that she advises me not to do...she is right. I got stuck in Kansas, the weather was horrible...but I still had a great time..Ryan's family is great and they treat me wonderful. We ended up leaving on Friday, which was still a very bad idea because we drove for about 2 hours in a white I was scared! We made it in one piece thank the Lord and we had a great time with my family as well!

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